What We Do

MRANG works with female asylum seekers and refugees and their children. Our work is carried out through the following projects: drop-in project, casework project, accompaniment project, recycling project


Drop-in Project

Our drop-in project aims to provide a safe and supportive space for women and their children, where they can access peer support and develop social contacts and friendship. At the drop-in we provide a warm, nutritious meal enjoyed in the company of other women and their children. Women can access the following: emotional support, casework support, pre and post natal support, parental support and advice, clothes and toys for babies, children and women, structured play and learning activities for the children ,peer support and the opportunity to develop social contacts, therapeutic activities such as massage and beauty therapy, English classes and outreach services from specialist services


Casework Project

MRANG’s caseworkers provide comprehensive casework support to women, including support through the asylum process, the ‘move on’ period for those who receive status, help with housing, healthcare, education and other areas as needed by service users. Casework is primarily provided through the drop-in with ongoing follow-up work carried out at MRANG’s office and through home visits and further means of support. Women receive casework for as a long as they need it and to the extent they require.


Accompaniment Project

We aim to provide additional support to women by accompanying them to difficult appointments. The level and type of accompaniment needed varies according to the service user. We accompany women to asylum hearings and tribunals, to child protection cases, health appointments and other appointments. We also provide birth partnering for women if they are on their own and wish somebody from MRANG to support them through childbirth


Recycling Project

We provide vulnerable and destitute service users with quality donated clothes for babies, children and women, as well as toys, baby items and household items. We also have a clothing sale at our drop-in sessions where women can buy clothes they would otherwise be unable to purchase at an extremely low nominal cost

We also provide all expectant or new mothers with a maternity pack which consists of newly bought unused items such as maternity toiletries, nightwear for hospital and feeding, nappies, baby toiletries and newborn clothes

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