Our Mission

To seek asylum is an act of great courage and acute desperation. MRANG’s fundamental purpose is to provide a loving, family environment for women refugees, asylum seekers and their children where they can receive practical, holistic and effective support. This support will help to transform the lives of women who have undergone great suffering and unjust treatment, helping them to re-establish their dignity and self-esteem while recognising their uniqueness and diversity.


Our Vision

Justice, humanity and healing for those in fear of persecution, torture or punishment.


Our Values

  • Caring – we provide a safe, supportive and friendly environment for refugees, asylum seekers and their children; we promote enjoyment and fun
  • Equality – we provide help in a non-judgemental and appropriate way to the fullest extent that we can
  • Respect – we respect each individual’s uniqueness and dignity; we are honest with and loyal to one another
  • Teamwork – we promote self-help and empowerment; we value the contribution of all staff, volunteers, trustees and supporters; we collaborate and work with other organisations to better support our clients
  • Integrity – we are true to our mission and carry out our work in a dynamic, professional way and comply with good governance practice
  • Accountability – we are transparent in our decisions, accountable for our actions and are efficient stewards of the charity
  • Quality – we routinely review all aspects of our performance and ensure that lessons learned are used to improve the organisation and help us to respond flexibly to our changing environment
  • Challenge – we challenge negative attitudes in the community and injustice in the asylum system


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